Why Website Authority Matters

website-authorityInformation spreads faster these days, what with people getting online to read and share things about other people, ideas, news, and any other piece of interesting material. While the expediency at which information travels could be beneficial at times, sometimes, it could also be pretty damaging. Especially when the information turns out to be erroneous. And passing on erroneous information is not what you would want your website to do.

Essentially, “trust” is what turns a website into an authority of sorts. When your website becomes the go-to site for your industry, you can expect to rack up higher traffic numbers. Whether you’re trying to sell products or offering professional services, achieving website authority is not limited to getting more people to visit your site. Here are just a few other benefits to establishing your site’s authority.

You create a positive impact for your brand
When a majority of the market trusts your website for a range of information, you naturally enhance your brand. So then you establish your company as a leading authority in your industry. And this will make it easier for you to promote and advertise your business, even in a market saturated with competitors.

Search engines rank websites better when they are recognized authorities in their fields
Yes, search engines may change their algorithms more frequently than Web developers would want, but what remains constant is the value placed on authority. This means having quality content created by actual writers (think Google+ Authorship), featuring high quality links relevant to your website and to your users, and other white hat SEO techniques recognized by all search engines, not just Google.

Your onsite content could have a viral effect
When people trust the information on your website, from the how-to features to the demo videos, they then share these to other people in their network. When the content shared is interesting, informative, and engaging enough, it will be passed on and referenced so many times that it creates a viral effect. Viral content could lead to increased sales and increased customers.

You secure loyalty from your consumers
The most trusted websites maintain business from repeat customers. This in turn ensures the longevity of your business. Even when the market is volatile, your loyal customers could keep your business stable.

“Trust,” in any business, is a valuable commodity, particularly when you’re running a company on your own. So invest in establishing the trustworthiness of your enterprise. Work on developing and maintaining authority for your website. And secure the success of your business today.

5 Intuitive WordPress Benefits You May Have Forgotten About

Wordpress-BenefitsHistorically, most internet-savvy folks knew WordPress as a blogging platform. Over the years it’s quite clearly become more than that, especially with the ongoing plugins that are being built to support a wide variety of needs. Nowadays, a growing number of businesses hoping to establish an online presence use it because WordPress easily caters to most of their online marketing initiatives and customer service strategies.

Many of these entrepreneurs, artists, and performers also see that apart from being quite versatile, one of the WordPress benefits they really appreciate is how easy it is to use. They quickly see that there’s no need to be particularly tech-savvy to get a website up and running and looking professionally designed. With new innovative and visually stunning themes coming out every week, WordPress has made the process no only easy, but beautiful as well.

WordPress Benefits

  1. It’s easy to find an easy-to-customize responsive theme. Using a responsive theme is one of the key strategies for competitive online enterprises – it’s not just an advantage but a complete necessity if you want your business to be ready and accessible to your market (no matter what Internet-connected device they may be using). WordPress has an impressive selection of attractive and easy-to-customize responsive themes that display properly and are easy to navigate using today’s compact mobile gadgets. A quick google search for “responsive wordpress themes 2014″ will usually bring up the latest and greatest. Case in point, this list of “30 Free, Responsive and Stunning WordPress Themes“, from the folks at wpmudev.org.
  2. It’s free! Again, for startups operating on a small budget, a free option letting them establish their brand online is like a gift from heaven. But just because it’s free doesn’t mean that it won’t be up-to-par with the standards of “paid for” websites. It’s a little known secret that some of the biggest companies out there now have built their website using WordPress. How attractive and competitive your website looks will depend on your brand of aesthetics because the settings will allow you to customize your website as you please. These always seem to just be getting better every year. Take a look at this list of 40+ Stunning Parallax Scrolling WordPress Themes For Agencies, Designers, Apps and Portfolio 2014.
  3. WordPress is continuously improving, and if you follow some of the most popular online marketing gurus, you can expect to stay updated with the latest and greatest features of the platform. WordPress software developers and designers are always looking for ways to expand what WordPress can do with applications that enhance its core functionality – just take what you can to improve your website. I think you get the idea here, no matter when, you can always google your way to the best of the best, such as the 20 Best Free WordPress Plugins of 2014.
  4. Website maintenance is as easy as launching it…affordable too. You can hire professional maintenance services such as WPCurve, which we use, which is truly a small price to pay for peace of mind, knowing that you don’t have to fiddle for 4 hours on an HTML or CSS script to get you image right-aligned in your sidebar. And yes, I’ve been there, done that. Ugh.
  5. Popular search engines love WordPress, which is a big advantage for marketing. WordPress is known for being clean and simple which then makes it easy for search engines like Google to read and index a site’s content. Plugins like Yoast SEO are almost a must, as they make this incredibly easy. Likewise, pages, posts, and images can have their own meta keywords, description, and title, and be optimized for specific keywords, allowing for fully advantageous (and righteous) SEO. I almost said ‘dude’ at the end of that sentence!

The Recap

This is a quick rundown, but you get the picture. I know a lot of folks, especially the creative types, tend to look at options like SquareSpace first and there are merits. But if you’re looking to build a long-term and sustainable business, I can’t recommend highly enough going with a scalable solution like WordPress that has been time-tested and has an incredibly rich and diverse community of developers to support it.